Antibiotic Resistance: What You Can Do to Prevent a Future Pandemic| TEDxBend | Dr Ravina Kullar

One defining moment fundamentally changed the course of Dr Ravina Kullar’s personal and professional life. It was the pivotal moment that led her into specialising in infectious diseases and taking action in the fight against antibiotic resistance, which is projected to kill more than 10 million people worldwide per year by 2050.

Talking science, sport and superbugs during Antibiotic Awareness Week

Superbug-infested waters posed a major health threat to our sporting superstars at this year's Rio Olympic Games. But what did this mean for our athletes? Are athletes more prone to superbug infections? And are antibiotics overprescribed in the sporting world?

Brisbane-based sport and science experts discussed these questions and more during Superbugs at the Olympics on 17 November 2016 during Global Antibiotic Awareness Week.

Superbugs with no more superdrugs

‘I had a small fall, a graze below the right knee, I didn’t think anything of it.’ Vanessa, a mother of three, looks up as she tries to remember the details of where it all began. Eight years ago she was infected with an aggressive bacteria after grazing her knee. But it wasn’t just a regular bacterial infection. Vanessa had a superbug. Emma Ceccato reports.

Call for 'cultural shift' on antibiotic use

NPS MedicineWise has used Antibiotic Awareness Week (16-22 November) to call for a ‘cultural shift’ in the way antibiotics are used in Australia to combat the serious health issue of antibiotic resistance against a backdrop of virtually no development of new antibiotics.

Super Sugar: Hope for a new antibiotic

On Sunday, CO-ADD Director Professor Matt Cooper was invited by the Today TV Show for an interview on a new synthetic sugar that acts like a Trojan horse on bacteria cell wall, uncovered by his research group at the University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience - Centre for Superbug Solutions and collaborators, and published in Nature Communications.