Antibiotic Resistance: What You Can Do to Prevent a Future Pandemic| TEDxBend | Dr Ravina Kullar

One defining moment fundamentally changed the course of Dr Ravina Kullar’s personal and professional life. It was the pivotal moment that led her into specialising in infectious diseases and taking action in the fight against antibiotic resistance, which is projected to kill more than 10 million people worldwide per year by 2050.

In this talk, Dr Kullar provides three action items that you can implement today to be a part of the solution. An infectious diseases global expert and researcher, Dr Kullar has published more than 30 research papers and has been invited to participate in the worldwide effort to help tackle this global threat.

Dr Kullar wants to empower everyone in the world to be a part of the solution, by arming them with the information they need to take action. Having run more than 10 marathons, she equates long-distance running to the fight against antibiotic resistance. ‘Just like a marathon’, she says, ‘the fight against antibiotic resistance isn’t just a race; it’s a journey that requires us to get past our comfort zones, because that’s when and where the magic starts to happen.’

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organised by a local community.

Note: The opinions expressed by the speaker are her own and do not reflect those of her employer.

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