for antimicrobial activity


ACS Infectious Diseases viewpoint: CO-ADD helping chemists discover new antibiotics

The world is facing a crisis in treating infectious diseases, with a scarcity of new antibiotics in development to treat the growing threat of drug-resistant “superbugs”. We need new strategies to reinvigorate the antibiotic pipeline. In this Viewpoint we discuss one such approach, encouraging the community of synthetic chemists to participate in testing chemical diversity from their laboratories for antimicrobial potential. CO-ADD, the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery, offers free screening against five bacteria and two fungi with follow up hit confirmation and validation, all with no strings attached.

Google grant awarded to CO-ADD

We are pleased to announce that the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (CO-ADD) has been awarded a not-for-profit Google Ad Grant worth USD $10,000 a month.

Google Ad Grants empowers not-for-profit organisations through in-kind AdWords advertising, to promote their missions and initiative on Google search result pages.

CO-ADD is a global initiative of The University of Queensland’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience and is funded by the Wellcome Trust and UQ.