CO-ADD supporting materials now in 8 languages

Help us spread the word about The Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery antimicrobial screening in your community with supporting information now available in 8 different languages.

  • Chinese - 您有新一代的抗生素吗?CO-ADD 为您免费筛选您的化合物
  • Deutsch/German - Haben Sie das nächste Antibiotikum? Kostenloses Screening mit CO-ADD
  • English - Do you have the next antibiotic? Free antimicrobial screening with CO-ADD
  • French/Francais - Avez-vous le prochain antibiotique? Criblage de chimiotheques avec CO-ADD
  • Italian - Avete l'antibiotico del futuro? Screening gratuito con CO-ADD
  • Portuguese - Voce tem o proximo antibiotic? Analisamos as suas amostras CO-ADD
  • Russian -Есть ли у Вас антибиотик нового поколения? Бесплатный скрининг химических соединений в сообществе CO-ADD
  • Spanish - ¿Tiene usted el siguiente antibiotico? Evaluacion de compuestos gratuita con CO-ADD

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